I hate your voice (I hate it! I hate it!)
it's sound, it's noise
you make me sick! (make me sick! make me sick!)
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuckin' die!!!

Don't make me sick!!!!!
Don't you make me sick???

Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring.......

I wanna fuck your flesh! A fucking waste of fucking time!
Lick it so warm and fresh!! Now it is all mine
I am so bored!!
so bored...

As I penetrate - feeling all this hate
let's try something new - I will show it to you
As I grab your neck - spitting on your back
while I'm fucking you, you'll be fucking dead!!!

Fucked - dead- legs- spread
I - can't - handle - that


from Sick Perverted Sins, released October 6, 2006



all rights reserved


Sintech Coburg, Germany

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